History of Queen Anne’s Lace as a contraceptive

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In the summer of 2019 I collected wild carrot seed from waste ground and street verges within a one kilometre radius around my house in West Flanders and from the gardens of wild flowers planted in the city of Aalst by its head gardener Bart Backaert. The ripe seed heads are easy to identify as they turn inwards to take on the shape of a little bird nest. […]

Artemisia vulgaris

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This is an herb of Venus, therefore maintains the parts of the body she rules, remedies the diseases of the parts that are under her signs, Taurus and Libra. Mugwort is with good success put among other herbs that are … Read More

Daucus carota / Queen Anne’s Lace

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Wild carrots belong to Mercury and therefore break wind and remove stitches in the side. They provoke urine and women’s courses…(and) helpeth the rising of the mother. Being taken in wine or boiled in wine it helpeth conception. (Culpeper)

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