Radio Hush Hush #1

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Radio Hush Hush installation in the exhibition No One Would Have Believed. Netwerk Aalst. 2020-2021. Wendy Morris & Mariske Broeckmeyer with Voices: Michele Burgers, Renée Turner, Nora El Arbi, Teresa Ferreiro, Brunilda Pali, Hendrike Scharmann, Agnieszka Gratza. Six finch cages … Read More

Savin trees

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According to Londa Schiebinger in her book Plants and Empire, “savin (Juniperus sabina) was European women’s abortifacient of choice. “ “Dioscorides knew it as an abortifacient, as did Galen, Avicenna, and Constantinus Africanus. Native to the south of Europe and … Read More


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The Parisian Oath of 1587 was typical in forbidding midwives from “ordering or administering any potion, or other kind of medicine to a woman, whether married or unmarried, in order to procure the abortion of their child, on pain of … Read More


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Antidotaria are full recipes with a number of ingredients that usually have a name – such as Aqua Matricariae – and include the ingredients, the purpose, the procedure and extra information. Receptaria are short recipes frequently without a name, with … Read More